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Sasha Gill reviewed Vegan Apron – 5 star

"I tried their Christmas feast boxes, and the recipes were all excellent! It was all conveniently packed (but everything was recyclable which is a plus!), all the recipes were absolutely delicious. We couldn't get enough of those beetroot tartlets, the smoked cheese, or the pate. So many good recipes! 
I also love how all the ingredients were of such a good quality and organic. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is trying out veganism/to eat more plant foods, as it really helps to make it a whole lot easier without you sacrificing on delicious meals."

Alex Hume reviewed Vegan Apron – 5 star

"Vegan apron boxes make cooking so much fun! The idea that you don't have to measure everything and make sure you have all the ingredients before is great as you can just throw yourself into making it is awesome . You end up making so much though haha - took ages to eat everything"