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Instability has been a recurring theme in the last few years. From ambiguity surrounding the future of animal welfare in post-Brexit Britain, to Donald Trump's pledges to boost America's oil industry at the expense of renewables. 

The world and its future can look a bit all over the place and, for many looking to change things, it may be a case of not knowing where to start. 

For inner peace, outer peace and world peace, going vegan is the most important thing you can do: for animals; for the environment and for you. These are strong words but sticking to vegan principles is easier than you think, particularly in this day and age when an abundance of versatile ingredients can produce a wide variety of recipes. Cooking vegan is ethical, fun and, yes, downright tasty!

Vegan: Someone who eats no meats, no fish and avoids all animal products. Eggs? No thanks, I'm vegan. Honey? No thanks, I'm vegan. But what about your leather shoes? These old thingsā€¦ they're plant-based, I'm vegan.

Vegan Apron:  A team of vegans who are here to help you learn how to cook inspiring plant-based meals by delivering you recipe cards and the vegan ingredients direct to your doorstep.  Oh and we do the odd event too! Check out our events page.